Spring Fork 017 - Upside Down
This type of suspension fork has been developed to meet your demands regarding a fork which is torsion-proof, instantly responsive and provides a long spring travel. Designed for free-ride biking respectively cross-country biking. This type of fork is suitable for every field of application. Most modern bearings, precise tolerances and low moving masses ensure a high degree of responsiveness. Fully operative even in the case of subzero temperatures. As extension and compression stages are adjustable, the fork is suitable for any ground conditions. By means of a patented diaphragm technique no vacuum will build up, even in the case of the shortest travel sequences. Maximum stiffness through lengthy grip of the submerged tubes. Extremely resistant to wear as the forks are made from high-performance aluminium alloy with high-quality surface refinement and equipped with low-maintenance bearings. Manufactured by means of CNC-machines, constant, high-grade quality is ensured.

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